Rules-Based RK

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Third Party Administrators

Rules Based RK

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ePlan Services delivers efficiency through the effective use of technology, enabling our TPA Partners to choose where to add value along the processing chain. Our rules-based record keeping streamlines processing to realize greater profitability for ourselves and our partners. See Technology section for more information.

The ePlan Services’ platform enables our TPA Partners to more efficiently manage routine plan transactions without manually key-coding data. The platform can automatically manage tasks such as:

  • Employee Eligibility
  • Participant Enrollment
  • Payroll Deferral Contributions
  • Profit Sharing Formulas & Calculations
  • Participant Vesting Calculations (by Source)
  • Loan & Distribution Processing (including 1099R distribution)

Through our proprietary TPALink applications, our TPA Partners can view real-time client data and extract custom reports on the fly. Everything about your client’s plan is stored in an encrypted, password-protected Internet environment, which provides 24/7 ready-access to assist you in delivering your higher-value plan consulting services.

There is simply no more complete package available on the market! Contact us, today, to learn how ePlan Services rules-based recordkeeping can streamline your back-office and enable you to take your business to the next level.