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We believe that we can be more than the sum of our parts, to collectively build a better, more profitable business through partnership.

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Product Solutions

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ePlan Services offers product solutions that include our standard program, ePlan Services 401k, as well as private-labeled products for our trusted partners. All of our products carry the same themes of open architecture, explicit pricing and fee transparency, so we’re confident we have a solution that you and your clients will find compelling.


ePlan Services standard program, ePlanServices 401k, is designed specifically for independent advisors and Third Party Administrators interested in accessing an open-architecture retirement platform. We endeavor to deliver the lowest sponsor costs, competitive asset-based pricing and access to the highest quality investment options.

We work in concert with our TPA Partners to deliver a higher value solution, to their retirement advisors and clients. In our standard relationship, ePlan Services provides the record keeping and transaction applications, while our TPA partners provide the higher-value consulting and compliance services as well as annual tax reporting.

Please visit to learn more about our standard retirement plan platform.


If you are a TPA interested to extend your brand amongst your advisor and plan sponsor audiences, ePlan Services can develop a private-labeled product solution tailored to your organizations specific objectives.

In developing a customized, private-label program, you can:

  • Control your branding and messaging
  • Create significant revenue opportunities for your firm
  • Develop tailored service delivery models
  • Take ownership of your retirement plan clients

For a nominal development and annual maintenance fees, there is no better way to build your specialization in the market than with an ePlan Services’ private-labeled program. We invite you to discover how a private-labeled 401k program can extend your brand and give you complete ownership of your successful retirement plan business.

ePlan Services supports private-labeled products ranging from local TPAs and regional brokerage organizations to Fortune 50 banks and national payroll companies. So, you can be confident that ePlan Services is equipped to support your business.