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Third Party Administrators


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ePlan Services has used the same intuitive technology-driven design to create a new method of collecting, processing and reporting information for annual compliance testing. Dubbed the “Annual Plan Review,” this straightforward interface takes paper-based data collection and moves it to the web.

This unique application enables the plan sponsor and/or TPA, to input, store and update key statistical data, including:

  • Eligible Compensation & Hours
  • Historical Deferral & Contribution Figures
  • Company Ownership Information
  • Family Attribution Data
  • Highly Compensated & Key Employees

Thereafter, the ePlan Services platform streamlines annual compliance testing and Form 5500 preparation, to create an unparalleled value for you and your clients.


Once all the requisite information has been reviewed and/or updated in the Annual Plan Review, the TPA and plan sponsor can see real-time compliance testing results through their respective web interfaces. If you, or your client, want to review alternative testing scenarios, the compliance tests can be re-run immediately to see alternative results.

In the event of testing failures, the system can recommend several courses of action designed to remedy the specific failure. For example, in the event of an ADP/ACP test failure the system would suggest four alternative testing methods. In this instance, the interface would indicate the total and per-participant required distribution and determine whether or not a plan amendment would be required. If an amendment method is chosen, the plan amendment would be immediately presented online for execution.

Note: Due to recent clarifications from the Internal Revenue Services, this feature is only available prior to the end of the current Plan Year.


ePlan Services has integrated the preparation of Form 5500s into the platform, whereby the application will generate a signature-ready Form 5500 (including all applicable schedules) for every plan. Furthermore, the TPA may receive electronic copies of the Form 5500 for every plan or choose to have the completed forms sent directly to the Plan Sponsor for review and submission.

There is simply no more complete package available on the market! Contact us, today, to learn how ePlan Services Compliance Testing & Form 5500 solutions can deliver a convenient and efficient solution for your retirement plan practice.