True Levelized Compensation

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True Levelized Compensation

Compensation Control

ePlan Services can process and remit your fee proceeds directly to your firm, or process it through your designated broker dealer. Please download the following attachment for the Broker Dealer firms that currently have agreements with ePlan Services.

Unlike other so-called "open architecture" providers, ePlan Services understands the need for simple, straight-forward advisor compensation. Utilizing a stated-fee model, we enable advisors to structure their compensation independent of the mutual fund’s commission structures.

With ePlan Services there are two options for how advisors are compensated:

  • Solicitor Fee: Employing an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser, we compensate retirement plan advisors as solicitors. A primary benefit of this structure is the ability to control your compensation by creating a unique Solicitor Fee for every plan, ranging from five (5) to one-hundred fifty (150) basis points, and paying them out quarterly.
  • RIA Fee: In this option, you employ your own Registered Investment Adviser, and ePlan Services performs as the collection agent for your fees. We will remit your fees at the end of every calendar quarter, based upon the fee profile you set for each plan.

Whichever your preference, ePlan Services can process and remit your fee proceeds directly to you, or process it through your designated broker/dealer. In either case, gone are the days of erratic commissions and fluctuating payouts!