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The ePlan Services platform is a bundled recordkeeping and administration system that can be configured to support a variety of service models. Our proprietary applications are designed to support the following distinct user audiences:

  • Retirement Wholesalers
  • Retirement Plan Advisors
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Customer Support personnel

In addition, ePlan Services provides Plan Sponsor support assistance and dedicated Participant Support personnel to assist your clients and employees with any questions they may have.

ePlan Services provides encrypted, password-protected access to the recordkeeping and administration platform through a proprietary ASP application. Anyone in your organization can see real-time transaction and user log reporting, as well as contribution flow and concession processing histories at the plan and participant level. You control how, when and to what degree your personnel interact with the program.

Regardless of your desired service model, ePlan Services will help your organization thrive in the SMB retirement space.