Flexible Solutions

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Learn how Open Architecture, Fee-Based 401(k) Plans can take your practice to the next level and better satisfy your clients.

Flexible Solutions

Compensation Control

ePlan Services is committed to working with you in the manner, which best serves you and your clients' needs and objectives.

Bundled Structure

In our bundled structure, ePlan Services performs as a full-service provider, performing all requisite record-keeping and administrative services. From contributions, distributions and loans processing to annual compliance testing and Form 5500 filings — we provide a turn-key solution for you and your clients.

TPA-Enabled Structure

In our TPA-Enabled structure, ePlan Services acts as a value-added record-keeper. A local Third Party Administrator (TPA) can be plugged-in to perform hand-on services for your clients, assisting with everything from transaction processing to complaince testing.

ePlan Services has established itself as one of the preeminent retirement service providers in the country. We provide service to thousands of clients through bundled and TPA-enabled service models.