Easy and Efficient On-boarding

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Easy and Efficient Onboarding

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When dealing with small business owners, it is imperative to be mindful of time, so ePlan Services enables you to establish and fully install a plan in just minutes, rather than the standard three to six weeks. You can go from proposal to enrollment in a single meeting, and fund your client's plan &emdash; all in the same day.

In addition, ePlan Services provides intensive wholesale support to assist advisors with plan design, including pro-forma modeling of standardized and non-standardized plans:

  • Safe Harbor 401(k)
  • Traditional 401(k)
  • Auto-Enrollment and auto-increase.
  • Single Employee 401(k)

For conversion plans, we provide the same level of wholesale sales support on the front end, and we provide a dedicated conversion specialist to coordinate the plan's transition. But, unlike other service providers, ePlan Services enables the plan sponsor to immediately begin funding their new plan before the conversion information is received.

Nobody makes it easier to win more business than ePlan Services! So let ePlan Services help you develop and close more business.